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[audio]Uroboros 2
Keywords: Ouroboros
Downloads: 178
[audio]01 L' Impasse Sainte Beregonne
Worm Ouroboros
Keywords: Worm Ouroboros
Downloads: 1
[unknown]Wiki - Ouroboros
Ouroboros dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Ouroboros; editthisinfo_ouroboros; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 1
[audio]Destination Ouroboros Blog. First Audio Entry (test run) - Flavio Moy
This is an actual spoken (audio)entry for my Destination Ouroboros Blog at: I share about my relationship with alcohol and my new perspective in social interactions, specially with the opposite sex.
Keywords: Destination ouroboros; Flavio Moy
Downloads: 14 (1 review)
[audio]Ouroboros feat Africaves - Ouroboros feat Africaves
Ouroboros feat Africaves
Keywords: Ouroboros feat Africaves
Downloads: 38
[audio]Descent II - Feeding Ouroboros
performed by Feeding Ouroboros, Denton TX, summer 2012
Keywords: Feeding Ouroboros; descent
Downloads: 20
[audio]Ouroboros - mrblitz ft. Bill Ray
mrblitz MP3 song, Ouroboros ft. Bill Ray on drums
Keywords: ouroboros; mrblitz; bill ray; rock
Downloads: 18
[audio]Sanctuaria (Gelidus Remix) - Ouroboros
EP that contains the official videoclip for the song "Sanctuaria (Gelidus Remix)", the song itself, originally released on the CD "Vanitas" (Prime Unit Records) and the song "Saturnus Philosophorum" from the sold out EP "Lunarya Fisica"
Keywords: Ouroboros; dark ambient; esoteric; ambient
Downloads: 421
[unknown]Wiki - Ouroboros Portal
Ouroboros Portal dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Ouroboros Portal; ouroportalcom_w
[audio]Descent - Adam Goodwin
performed by Feeding Ouroboros in Denton, TX, 2010. Recorded by Brian Hernandez.
Keywords: descent; adam goodwin; feeding; ouroboros; denton; risset
Downloads: 24
[audio]Ouroboros - Andy Thomas (mrblitz, SID Wat)
The first attempt at the song, Ouroboros, from 2007. Made with BOSS 8-track machine. Deadpan vocal delivery, pretty cool guitar line, including solo riffs in melodic minor. Song off of the 'album,' Ouroboros.
Keywords: ouroboros; Andy Thomas; mp3; mrblitz
Downloads: 17
[audio]Remnants of Ouroboros - Adam Goodwin
double bass solo composed by Adam Goodwin. Composed 2009, revised 2010. An exploration inside and outside of a pitch.
Keywords: ouroboros; adam goodwin; double bass; contrabass
Downloads: 43
[audio][AMR246] Sanctuaris (Gelidus Remix) - Ouroboros

Keywords: Sanctuaris (Gelidus Remix), Ouroboros, Amduscias Records
Downloads: 70
[audio]Good Riddance - Ouroboros Project - Ouroboros Project (Jorge Hill)
First song from Ouroboros Project, global change!
Keywords: music; audio; nugaze; shoegaze; independent; ouroboros; postrock; global change
Downloads: 38
[audio]The Worm Ouroboros - E. R. Eddison
LibriVox recording of The Worm Ouroboros by E R Eddison. Read by Jason Mills. This classic 1922 fantasy novel brings you to a strange and lovely world where a young lord wrestles King Gorice for his land's freedom, where unscalable mountains can only be conquered by stubbornness and hippogriffs, where the great explorer Lord Gro finds himself continually driven to betrayal, where sweet young women occasionally fall for evil wizards, and where the heroes actually win their hearts' desire...
Keywords: worm; ouroboros; eddison; fantasy; fiction; audio books; librivox
Downloads: 22,156
[audio]Jesse Waugh After The End - Jesse Waugh
After The End is a hopeful album disguised in melancholy. Comprised of songs recorded by Jesse Waugh between 2004 and 2009, After The End is a sentimental and personal collection of heartfelt music. The album contains original compositions such as "Ouroboros", "Ein kleiner vogel", and "After The End", covers including "So In Love", and "Witchcraft", stranger songs like "FUN" and "Completely", and the forlorn but masterly "After The End"...
Keywords: Jesse Waugh; After The End; Music; Ouroboros; Witchcraft; Ein Kleiner Vogel; FUN
Downloads: 18
[audio]Essential mrblitz - mrblitz (andy thomas)
Princess Singer (trent lorrekovich on drums) Insanity (bill ray on drums) Ouroboros (bill ray) Rhymes With Holy (bill ray)
Keywords: mrblitz; andy thomas; trent lorrekovich; bill ray; princess singer; insanity; ouroboros; rhymes with holy
Downloads: 8
[texts]After The End by Jesse Waugh - Jesse Waugh
This album has been moved to: - as I was unable to specify audio when I posted this page.
Keywords: Jesse Waugh; After The End; Music; Ouroboros; Witchcraft; Ein Kleiner Vogel; FUN
Downloads: 41
[movies]GrooveTV #101 - Ouroboros - Marco Walsh
GrooveTV #101 - Ouroboros Recorded live on 3/13/02 at the Catalyst (atrium), Santa Cruz, California Audio: Schoeps MK4 Video: Single Camera - Canon GL-1 GrooveTV is made available in VideoCD format for your free, non-commercial enjoyment. It may be traded freely in accordance with the taping and transfer policies of GrooveTV and the artist(s) on this performance. GrooveTV is not to be sold. Visit GrooveTV on the Web at GrooveTV is a Marco Escuandolas Production (C) 2002 Mark Wal...
Keywords: GrooveTV; Music: Live Concerts; Musicians and Artists: Ouroboros; Musicians and Artists: Phish
Downloads: 7,278 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]04. These Are The Simple Days
Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros (2015) (Progressive Rock) (mp3 320kbps)
Keywords: Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros (2015) (Progressive Rock) (mp3 320kbps)
Downloads: 5
[audio]05. Idle Worship
Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros (2015) (Progressive Rock) (mp3 320kbps)
Keywords: Theo - The Game Of Ouroboros (2015) (Progressive Rock) (mp3 320kbps)
Downloads: 12
[audio]Sci Fi Watcher 129: Red Dwarf: Series VII - Say It Productions
Bryan and Corey take a look at the seventh series of "Red Dwarf" this week.They talk about all the major changes of the show and if they help or hurt this year of stories.  The guys also talk about what they loved and disliked from this longer 8 episode run.
Keywords: Red Dwarf; VII; Tikka to Ride; Stoke Me a Clipper; Ouroboros; Duct Soup; Blue; Beyond a Joke; Epideme; Nanarchy
Downloads: 60
[audio]Progshine Podcast 31 - Diego Camargo
Progshine Podcast #31
Keywords: Podcast; The Worm Ouroboros; Mike Kershaw; Opus Symbiosis; Ingranaggi Della Valle; The Inner Road; Three Monks; Sylvium; Pseudo/Sentai; Maze Of Time; Syndone; Progressive Rock; Progshine
Downloads: 57
[texts]BEZNA 5 - Emil Cioran, Nicola Masciandaro, Alina Popa, Florin Flueras, Deanna Khamis, Ben Woodard, Amy Ireland, Eugene Thacker, Irina Gheorghe, Anastasia Jurescu, Cosima Opartan, Dylan Trigg, Francis Russell, Stefan Tiron, Sarah Jones, Dorothee Neumann, Aulos, Octavian-Liviu Diaconeasa, Mihai Lukacs, Bogdan Drăgănescu
Bezna 5 is an ouroboric move of plunging into itself ('Bezna' in Romanian means consistent darkness + diffuse fear). Bezna 5 is darkly glowing dead thinking, cosmic pessimism, hairy autonomy, limbo sighs, horrendous pink volumes, underground nematodes, happy dismemberment, haunting prehumanism, glowing horror, sinister moods, eternal stillness, future plague, idiot nonknowing and news from Cioran.Bezna 5:Emil Cioran – The Book of Delusions (fragments)Nicola Masciandaro – Following the SighAl...
Keywords: Darkness; fear; unknown; death; thinking; extinction; worms; reason; philosophy; melancholia; horror; Twitter; torture; language; Ouroboros; nematodes; pessimism; sadness; tristess; nematodes; prehumanism; underground; glowing; eternal; theory; drawings; alien
Downloads: 476
[texts]a dead spot of light... (Number 9) - oneyoudontknow
The ninth edition of this net magazine. Metal, ambient, noise, folk ... a bit of everything is covered.Interview sectionCount Beetle(comes with a review)The Infant T(h)reeReview section3,14... – Про Малиновую Девочку (About a Crimson Girl)Airs – UntitledAirs – JoylessSemilanceata – Dødhelighaz Grafwlijka Mund Ok Dess Vaggande AvgrundsbruusEpsilon Eridani – Tribute to H.P...
Keywords: magazine; a dead spot of light; Count Beetle; The Infant T(h)ree; 3,14; Airs; Semilanceata; Epsilon Eridani; Dysphoric; Rotorvator; Foreskin; Eagle Chalice; Ouroboros; Mïsogi; Despot; Earth Sheds Ghostly Shadows; Aairria
Downloads: 445 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Kalila -
1500 years before this day… … there were stories of an ancient mountain herb that was believed to restore life to the dead. The myth of miraculous plant spread far across the eastern world till the Shah reigning over Persia decided to locate it, sending his physician Borzuy into the mystic kingdom of Hindustan. The journey took Borzuy through the land, into deep forests, to the peaks of the highest mountains and ultimately into his own mind...
Keywords: psy; dark; dark psy; darkpsy; kalila; india; psytrance; trance; psychedelic; electronic; techno; goa; jungle; forest; parvati; strange; heavy; glitch; sound art; industrial; underground; bengal; alien; twisted; LiquidNoize; Farebi Jalebi; Audio Psykosis; Ouroboros; Adi; MunkE; Aghori Tantrik; Hydropanic; Allegoric; Psynce; Bloodclot; Spiral
Downloads: 1,038
[texts]The Grail and the Alpha-Omega - Osborn, Gary
Keywords: Abyss; Agnya Chakra; Al-Nitak; All-Seeing Eye; Alpha; Androgyne; Anointed Ones; Ark; Autumnal Equinox; Ba; Bennu Bird; Black Sun; Bon-Po; Cauldron; Cauldron of Annwn; Celtics; Christ; Christ’s Blood; Christian Dove; Cross; Crucifixion; Daath; Draco; Dual Ouroboros; Duat; Easter; Egg; Elinghtenment; Elixir of life; Fisher King; Gap Ginnunga; Garway; Gate of Distance; Ginnungagap; Giza Meridian; Gospel of John; Gospel of Luke; Gospel of Mathew; Grail Castle; Grail Quest; Great Pyramid of Giza; Green Man; Harmakhet; Hé; Heavenly Kingdom; Heliopolis; Herefordshire; Holy Grail; Horus; Hypnagogic State; Hypnopompic State; Ida; Kabbalah; Kalahari Bushmen; Kia; King Arthur; Knights Templar; Longinus; Mabinogi; Moon; Neutral Point Theory; Norse; Oibinkingata; Omega; Orion; Osiris; Ouroboros; Passion of Jesus Christ; Perceval; Phoenix; Pingala; Precessional Cycle; Primordial Void; Ra-Horakhte; Resurrection; Rosarium Philosophorum; Scandinavians; Shen Ring; Shining One; Spring Equinox; Stargate; Sun; Sushumna; Tantra
Downloads: 523
[audio]The Secret Teachings 3/17/13 - Religious Belief Week 2 - Orion, Nick Carioti
On this episode of The Secret Teachings, Hosted by DJ Orion and Nick Carioti - we covered the Viking Sun-Stone, the definition of the Paranormal, Shape-Shifting Jesus from Egyptian Texts, The Sun of God, and the similarities of Jesus and all of the other Sun Gods throughout history. Listen to The Secret Teachigns weeklong at WBTR Big Talk Radio
Keywords: The D Show; Conspiracy; anti-semetic; masons; NWO; ritual sacrifice; depopulation; computer simulation; drive-thru; modified; hurricane; haarp; islam; solar flares; nibiru; planets; wormwood; solar system; human aliens; all Bilderberg; CFR; Council on Foreign Relations; Religion; Spirituality; Rollins College; 91.5FM; WPRK; DHS; Security; Left Right Paradigm; rdgable.wordpres; U.S Terrorism; Bilderberg; Bohemian Grove; Obama; We are change; Philosophy; time; religion; industry; technology; medicine; religion; lobsters; drones; dhs; obama; conspiracy; alex jones; human speech; caffeine; alternative; sphinxy; egypt; symbolism; ouroboros; metatron's cube; jesus; sun; god; paranormal; gods; history; alternative; egyptian; sun stone; vikings; olaf; conspiracy theory
Downloads: 87
[texts]An Hermetic Origin of the Tarot Cards: A Consideration of the Tarocchi of Mantegna - McLean, Adam
Keywords: abrahadabra; Androgyne; Angelic; Apollo; Apolo; Archetypes; Arrow; Artisan; Beggar; Calliope; Cardinal Virtues; charity; Chronico; Circle; Clio; Coins; Cosmico; Craftsman; Crane; death; Dragon; Duke; Eighth Sphere; Emperor; Erato; Euterpe; Faith; Fame; Flute; Fool; Gentleman; Heavenly Spheres; Hierophant; Hope; Iliaco; Italian Renaissance; Jupiter; Justice; King; Knight; Liberal Arts; Lion; Luna; Magus; Major Arcana; Mars; Melpomene; Merchant; Mercury; Mirror; Muses; Ouroboros; Pelican; Phoenix; Poesio; Polihymnia; Pope; Priestess; Prime Mover; Prudence; Pyramid; Saturn; Sceptre; Servant; Shield; Sphere of Heaven; Sphere of Stars; Square; Squire; Strenght; Sun; Sun Disc; Temperance; Terpsichore; tetractys; The Chariot; The Lovers; The Star; The Sun; The World; Thelhia; Triangle; Urania; Vase; Veiled Dragon; Venus
Downloads: 650
[audio]The Secret Teachings 3/9/13 - Saturday Edition - Orion
This special Saturday edition of The Secret Teachings, Hosted by DJ Orion - covered the Effects of Caffeine on the body, a brief alternative History of the Sphinx, the Fastest Human Speech, Government tests on unknown subjects, why Lobsters are Red, Metatron's Cube, the Ouroboros and the possible coming civil unrest in this country. Plus, Disarmament of U.S. Citizens in both Guns and Information, Drones, and most other issues within Police-State-America...
Keywords: The D Show; Conspiracy; anti-semetic; masons; NWO; ritual sacrifice; depopulation; computer simulation; drive-thru; modified; hurricane; haarp; islam; solar flares; nibiru; planets; wormwood; solar system; human aliens; all Bilderberg; CFR; Council on Foreign Relations; Religion; Spirituality; Rollins College; 91.5FM; WPRK; DHS; Security; Left Right Paradigm; rdgable.wordpres; U.S Terrorism; Bilderberg; Bohemian Grove; Obama; We are change; Philosophy; time; religion; industry; technology; medicine; religion; lobsters; drones; dhs; obama; conspiracy; alex jones; human speech; caffeine; alternative; sphinxy; egypt; symbolism; ouroboros; metatron's cube
Downloads: 76
[movies]A Matrix of Meaning for Sacred Alphabets - Tenen, Stan
Keywords: Hebrew Alphabet; Matrix; Greek Alphabet; Arabic Alphabet; Numerology; Aleph; Letter A; Meru; Physical World; Spiritual World; Reality; Consciousness; Genesis; Letter B; Pyramid Shape; Genesis 1:1; Carlo Suares; Universe; Hierarchical System; Letter Z; Ouroboros; Torus; Reflexive System; Hyperdimensional Objects; Pi; Naked Recursion; Assimetry; Flame of Consciousness; Shadows; Vortex; Donut; Zohar; The Lilly; Rabbi Schuman; 13 Leafs; Sphere; Cup of Blessing; Seed; Star of Seeds; 7-Color Map; Life Cycle; Life Force; Angular Momentum; Intrinsic Spin; Eliptic Sections; Self-Referencial Quality; Topology; Rubik Cube; Symmetry Axis; Torah; Loops; Tzadi; Tree of Life; Stephen Hawking; Taurus; Creation; Beth; ZB; Hex Map; 22 Letters; 27 Letters; Secret of Redemption; 5 Final Letters; 1-3 Model; Tetrahelix; DNA; 22 Tetrahelix Faces; Gimel; Daleth; He; Knot Theory; Transparent Homogeneous Isotropic Cosmic Gelly; Fiat Lux; 2-Torus; Trefoil; Simple Knot; Manifestation; 22 Colored Regions; Jubilee; Keith Critchlow; Soul as Sphere and Androgyne; Sacred Symbols; Primordial Movement; Concentric Infusion
Downloads: 612
[movies]Alchemy and The Birth of Modern Science - Marchmont, Nick
Keywords: Shakespeare; Ancestors; Gold; Human Spirit; Black Land; Egypt; Al-Kemi; Legends; Giants; Nephilim; Electricity; Chemistry; Astronomy; The Watchers; Alexandria; Astrology; Fallen Angels; Mana; Khemia; Book of Enoch; Alchemical Gold; Book Burning; Control of Information; Nicholas II; Philosopher's Stone; Albertus Magnus; Roman Catholic Church; Roger Bacon; 7 Planets; 7 Holes in Human Body; Cosmology; Polymathean Thinkers; Doctor Mirabilis; Symbols; Sympathetic Magic; Ouroboros; Mercury; Transmutation; Phoenix; Peacock; Alchemical Metaphors; Rod of Asclepius; Rod of Caduceus; Qabalah; Healing; Water; Fire; Triangle; Moon; Sun; Father Consciousness; Mother Form; Synthesis of Opposites; Sulphur; Hydrogen; Helium; Protons; Electrons; Androgen; Volatile; Fixed; Paracelsus; Salt; Holistic Medicine; Allopathic Medicine; Isaac Newton; Perpetual Motion; Crystals; George Ripley; Antimony; Alcohol; Distillation; Porcelain; Bains Marie; Sodium Nitrate; Phosphorus; Sacred Geometry; Laboratory Instruments; Hermes Trismegistos; Emerald Tablet; Wild Men; Civilized Men; Empedocles; Aristotle; Elements; Hot; Dry
Downloads: 663
[audio]Best of the Global Reality 12-13-8 - Sex Magick and the Left-Hand Path. - Michael Vail
12-13-8 - Sex Magick and the Left-Hand Path. A fast-moving in-depth discussion of sex magick and the left-hand path from a historical point of view. Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left-Hand Path Sex Magic, by Nikolas and Zeena Shreck (Initiation, magick, telepathy, communication with disembodied entities, sacrament, ecstacy, union, creation, liberation,moon child, sacred feminine, sacred whore, necrophilia, tantra, bodhi tree, shakti, sarhavati, sage, yogi, Vishnu, Buddha, desire, su...
Keywords: Initiation; sex; magick; telepathy; communication; entities; sacrament; ecstacy; union; creation; liberation; moon child; sacred feminine; necrophilia; tantra; bodhi tree; shakti; sarhavati; sage; yogi; Vishnu; Buddha; desire; suffering; illumination; effort; exhaltation; boundaries; Valkyries; succubi; sound vibrations; tones; taboos; blocked energies; caste; class; asana; 69; closed circuit; ouroboros; orgasm; impulse; vigor; India; America; Germany; Sumer; Babylon; Ishtar; Inana; ritual; fertility of land; vulva; Queen of Heaven; King of Earth; dionysan bacchannal; Sophia; OTO; Hermetic Brotherhood; American Rosicrucian Association; Baphomet; Scientology; Oz; Theodore Reuss; Crowley; Lincoln; P B Randolph; PBR; Franz Bardon; Gurdjeiff; Rasputin; Eliphas Levi; Krishnamurti; Jack Parsons; Betty Parsons; L Ron Hubbard; Blavatsky; theosophy; Victorian era; New Age Movement; Thelema; Carl Jung; gnosticism; black magic; sexual revolution; morality; vice squad; eugenics; Global Reality
Downloads: 891
[movies]Noorderlicht "Creative Computers" - VPRO Noorderlicht
The American Steve Thaler works with neural networks. He makes them dream and die. Through this process the networks develop elementary creativity. Thaler uses this phenomenon to compose music, design cars and finding new superconducting materials. Imagination Engines: Margaret Boden: VPRO Noorderlicht:‎
Keywords: Adaptability; AGI; AI; AI Takeoff; AI-complete; AI-hard; Artificial General Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Life; Artificial Neural Networks; Artificial Neurons; Assistant; Attention; Automation; Autonomous; Aware; Awareness; Biomimetics; Bionics; Bleeding Edge; Bootstrapping; Bottom-up Approach; Brains; Brainstorming; Breakthrough; Cascades; Causality; Cavitation; Chaos; Circularity; Cognition; Composition; Computational Intelligence; Computer Science; Computer Vision; Computers; Conclusions; Confabulation Theory; Confabulations; Connectionism; Connections; Conscious; Consciousness; Contemplation; Creativity; Creativity Machines; Curiosity; Cutting Edge; Cybernetics; Cycles; Cyclicality; Deep Learning; Design; Development; Discovery; Dreaming; Dreams; Dutch; Effects; Efficiency; Emergence; Engineering; Eureka Effect; Feedback; Feedback Loops; Freewill; Generation; Ghost in the Machine; Groundbreaking; Hallucinations; Ideas; Ideation; Imagination; Imagination Engines; Imagitrons; Innovation; Intelligence Explosion; Interpretation; Introspection; Intuition; Invention; Juxtapositions; Key Ingredient; Learning; Loops; Machine Intelligence; Machine Learning; Machine Vision; Margaret Boden; Materials; Mechanism; Mechanization; Memories; Metacognition; Mind Mapping; Music; Near-Death Experiences; Neural Networks; Neural Noise; Neural Oscillation; Neurobiology; Neurology; Neuronal Networks; Neuronal Noise; Neurons; Neurotransmitters; Noise; Non-Algorithmically; Nondeterministic; Nonlinear; Optimization; Ouroboros; Parallelism; Pattern recognition; Patterns; Perception; Perceptrons; Perturbation; Pioneering; Post-symbolic AI; Quantum Leap; Randomness; Recursive Self-Improvement; Reinforcement Learning; Research; Revolution; Robotics; Salience; Science; Seed AI; Self-Assembling; Self-Aware; Self-Awareness; Self-Evolving; Self-Forming; Self-Improving; Self-Learning; Self-Maintenance; Self-Organization; Self-Organizing; Self-Reference; Self-Reflection; Self-Reflexivity; Self-Sustaining; Self-Training; Sensation; Sentience; Sentient; Singularity; Solution; State of the Art; Stephen Thaler; Strange Loop; Stream of Consciousness; Strong AI; Superintelligence; Synapses; Synaptic Noise; Synthetic Intelligence; Technique; Technology; Teleology; Teleonomy; Thalamocortical; Thinking; Thoughts; Training; Unpredictability; Unsupervised Learning; Versatility; Virtual Input Effect; Visualizations
Downloads: 295
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